As a team, we bring together a wealth of expertise in architecture, engineering, project management and construction, ensuring meticulous planning and execution from project initiation to completion.

As a team, we bring together a wealth of expertise in architecture, engineering, project management and construction, ensuring meticulous planning and execution from project initiation to completion.

Our Team.

The team at SK Construction is a dynamic and highly skilled group of professionals with a wealth of experience in the construction industry. Comprising individuals from various backgrounds and expertise, they bring a collaborative and innovative approach to every project we undertake.

Working in harmony to deliver exceptional results on a diverse range of projects, the team encompasses a client-focused mindset and a commitment to quality and safety. The team consistently strives to exceed expectations and create lasting partnerships with their clients and stakeholders. Their strong work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence make them a trusted and reliable partner in the construction landscape.

General Manager

Spiro is a seasoned construction professional and registered building practitioner with over 30 years of expertise, excelling in the delivery of diverse Tier 1 major projects spanning health, sport, education, aviation, civic, retail, aged care, residential, and defence sectors. His versatility and adeptness in managing technically complex, brownfield projects in Victoria have been instrumental in achieving successful outcomes.

Spiro’s strategic planning, goal-setting abilities, and proficiency in managing various business operations, including safety, planning, quality, environment, HR, and IR, consistently yield exceptional project results. His skill in business development has led to a robust project pipeline and strong partnerships with clients, subcontractors, and industrial collaborators.

With a wealth of experience, collaborative approach, and strategic acumen, Spiro remains an invaluable asset to any construction project. His commitment to excellence and client satisfaction cements his reputation as a respected leader in the construction industry, driving continued success.

Senior Project Manager

With a remarkable 35-year career in the Australian construction industry, Michael has left an indelible mark in various regions, including Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. His extensive journey has endowed him with comprehensive expertise in all facets of construction management, highlighting his adaptability.

Michael’s resume brims with notable achievements, including the construction and management of over 1000 apartments and residences, a testament to his prowess in large-scale residential developments. One of his crowning accomplishments was overseeing the creation of a 21,000-seat indoor arena for the Sydney Olympics, showcasing his precision and success in handling complex, high-profile ventures.

Beyond residential and arena projects, Michael has made significant contributions to the education sector, having directed the construction and management of more than 50 schools. These achievements cement his reputation as a reliable and accomplished professional in the construction industry, further underlining his versatile and accomplished career.

Senior Project Manager

With 30 years of industry expertise, Paul is a distinguished construction professional with a notable presence in Victoria and Tasmania. His broad portfolio spans commercial, industrial, retail, fit-out, and residential developments. As a registered commercial builder and owner of a thriving construction firm for 15 years, Paul has successfully delivered projects exceeding $250 million in value.

Paul’s proficiency extends to retail, where he’s overseen 300+ live site refurbishments and managed new-build retail ventures surpassing $100 million. His versatility shines through various projects, including new builds and office refurbishments. Notably, he managed the construction of a 13,000 sqm greenfield food processing facility, demonstrating his efficiency in handling complex, large-scale endeavours.

Paul’s wealth of experience and adaptability cements his status as a leading figure in the construction industry, with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

Senior Project Coordinator

Gareth’s construction career spans a variety of roles, starting as a Site Engineer at Summit Formwork and advancing to positions like Project Manager at Kenny Constructions, where he demonstrated strong leadership and planning capabilities. As a Senior Project Manager at GCS Summit Contracting, he excelled in problem solving and quality control, contributing to successful project outcomes.

In his current roles as a Project Coordinator at Icon since September 2018 and Senior Project Coordinator at Sunkin Construction since June 2023, Gareth continues to hone his skills in project delivery, quality control, and detailed design. His journey underscores his adaptability and proficiency across diverse aspects of construction management, establishing him as a valuable asset in the industry. Gareth’s wealth of experience and expertise make him a trusted professional in the construction field.


Rory is an experienced Senior Estimator with a strong background in pricing competitive tenders, elemental cost plans, and pricing variations. With a Bachelor of Applied Science in Building Technology from the South Australian Institute of Technology, Rory has demonstrated expertise in utilising software such as CostX, Buildsoft, Excel, and Word for estimation purposes. Throughout his career, Rory has worked for large, medium, and smaller builder’s and quantity surveying consultants, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

From November 2019 to May 2023, Rory served as a Senior Estimator at Maben Group, where he was responsible for preparing tenders ranging from $1M to $150M. His role included detailed measurement, rating, vetting quotes, pricing preliminaries, cost planning, pricing large variations, and value management. Additionally, Rory assessed buildability and utilised various software tools to ensure accurate and competitive pricing.


With 17 years of manufacturing and construction experience, Charles has excelled in various roles. As Façade Manager at BESIX Watpac since April 2021, he coordinated design and procurement for projects like Fitzroy Gasworks Secondary School and GPO Hotel, showcasing his ability to manage subcontractor substitutions and implement cost saving measures.

In his role as Logistics and Procurement Manager at Inhabit Group, Charles oversaw global logistics and design coordination for overseas procurement projects, contributing to over 370 projects worldwide, including notable ones like Barangaroo International Towers and Melbourne Quarter. His responsibilities included conducting factory audits, quality control inspections, and materials testing to ensure compliance with Australian standards.

As a Business Development Manager and Project Coordinator at Jangho Curtain Wall Australia, Charles effectively marketed and tendered projects in Victoria, achieving early project completions and efficient procurement management. His extensive experience and accomplishments establish him as a valuable professional in the manufacturing and construction industry.


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